Battery Reconditioning Baking Soda Ratio

Published Aug 23, 21
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Materials Needed To Recondition Car Battery

(PS. questions are retorical) Good Morning John. Much boiling and much stirring. And in hindsight i'm sure very little was actually dissolved. But there was an unique, though brief lived, sizzle noise when i poured the mix into the battery. Unusually, my regional farmacists, do not stock any Mg Sulfate.

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THe carbonate is offered under 'health-food' category. And as i matured near Epsom i discover the entire thing odd (recondition dead battery scam). I'm still looking for MgSO4Maybe i attempt NaOH. Any thoughts on which BigjonMX - Magnesium taken by mouth is (1) a laxative and (2) a muscle convulsion reducer (car battery reconditioning kit). When put in a battery it requires lots of imagination to see any advantage.

All that speak about medication advises me the de-sulfation crowd resemble homiopaths - battery reconditioning method. truthful. No insult intended. Individuals luvv the secret. Then when their efforts arn't working somebody gets up says, my stuff works! They all go purchase his stuff - he makes some fast cash. Oh yes They learnt when fish do their business, there is more of it left in the homiopathic water than the medication that was purposly put in.

How To Restore A Battery

There is more battery medicine in tap water than in the additives. Get a life BigJonMX. what does battery reconditioning do. Just sharing an amusing tale. Hey Oscar: remember back at school when the other kids would lie so that you couldnt take part. you haven't changed have you. disappear. Battery users and experimenters vote in elections.

What do they buy? Battery cures that A promise the world B take their money C not do anything. Why why did they learn to do this kinda behavior at school BigJonMX - high frequency battery reconditioning. Some years ago i took apart my broken cars and truck battery aged 4 and half years of ages. The negatives barely had any white crystals on them however the positive plates were in a bad way.

i can't see epsom salts curing that lol Micky - You have actually explained what I have seen often times. Battery worn out through rust of the positives. Epsom Salts, and so on. I have actually been attempting to exercise why people utilize these type of treatments. I encountered various sites that promote health products, during my search.

Battery Reconditioning Chemical

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They have no quantifiable impact, are harmless and are therefore perfect for the purpose. My jeep battery is on its last legs, and i'll need to suck it up and get a new one (ez battery reconditioning free). So i have actually got nothing to lose, and whatever to gain, by experimenting with some of these restoration ideasAs i reside on the frontier i'm limited in choice (certainly i could wait months for mailorder) and i could only acquire NaOH (caustic soda).

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There was much bubbling and sizzling (and heat) and after just 5mins i rinse everything out. A surprising about of black dust came out in numerous washes. Then i put my battery back together and charged it. The first few days were thsame as previously, however then i discovered an unique and guaranteed boost in voltage - it WAS charging a little more !! Its still insufficient for my big old jeep, so i'still getting a brand-new battery. how to restore a dead car battery.

i desire to see if its making a difference. And when it comes to the weirdos who spend time specialized forums nay-saying and critisizing - get a life! Go join your homopathetic and health clubs. Leave the experimenting and science to those that wish to know! John, my existing 4 and a half year old battery( 125,000 miles), i did some SG readings on it (reconditioning lead acid battery).

Restore Battery Life, Recondition Car Battery, How To Restore

No water loss so must be to a specific level. I'm thinking it's a calcium battery? I found the 2 end cells have a reading of only 1225 and the others vary from 1250-60. The oc voltage varies 12. 4. to 12. 5 (never ever goes to 12. 6) I checked it with a conductance meter and it reads 420 CCA and it's expected to be 570 CCA.

Little bit of favorable rust is regular. Results in decrease in amps - ez battery reconditioning system. SGs do not look like a considerable problem. If it was "sealed" with a sticker, it is calcium. I constantly pull off these sticker labels one 2nd after guarantee expires and water as and when essential. BigJonMX - All the best. You are 100% right when you stated I have been doing this given that 1972 - ez battery reconditioning course reviews. Given your previous discussion threads, I don't expect you to concur with the principle of battery reconditioning however if the idea does not work, I need to have been living in a parallel universe considering that 1972 as I have actually sold literally countless reconditioned batteries throughout those years.

You have actually now included that you have actually sold millions of reconditioned batteries, for that reason your idea works. My understanding of business scale battery reconditioning is that it is an analytical video game. My understanding is that a modest percentage of batteries react which the percentage is high enough to make a living out of the business (restore a dead battery).

How Do You Recondition An Old Car Battery

JohnMillions of batteries sold is affordable quantitative proof would not you say? In your opinion, the number of would I require to sell prior to you would consider the concept a successful one?Taking a wholistic view of the battery reco industry then obviously stats would use but what are we calculating? basic variance of recovery rates and failure rates? Do not those stats use equally to the brand-new battery market? Maybe we can call the battery reconditioning home industry that manages 10% of the domestic battery market (ez battery reconditioning program).

There are some individuals on this website that must be utilized by battery makers. they exceed and beyond any clinical or technical argument to poo-poo any and all attempts to bring back, recycle, extend, improve battery life. Its as though they were wed to a battery, that cheated and disposed them. I have actually been shown many easy and involved ways to get extra life out of automobile batteries, and some in fact work incredibly well.

Mr Fetter is 100% predictable in his responses due to his background and vested interests. ima battery reconditioning near me. Much to the dissatisfaction of skeptics and brand-new battery companies, there will always be people like us capitalizing the differential in cost in between new batteries and reconditioned batteries which are sold with complete replacement service warranty. does ez battery reconditioning work.

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